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2020 - 2021

About NHLP

New Horizons Leadership Programme (NHLP) is a Baltic Nordic Circus Network project led by Cirkus Syd in a partnership with organisations from 8 countries within the Baltic-Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.


To support the growing contemporary circus scene this leadership project enables emerging professionals to develop their leadership capabilities. As producers, project managers, tour managers, or board members, the NHLP participants will emerge as stronger leaders in the field. 

Together with 14 partners and associate partners in 8 countries, BNCN collaborates to give emerging producers and cultural managers the opportunity to investigate and grow their own leadership capacities. Emerging professionals  are hosted in a leading organisation in another country to work with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This cross-cultural and cross-regional model makes this programme a dynamic opportunity for growth and professional mentorship. 


Participating countries are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. Emerging leaders from Lithuania were also accepted to apply.

The NHLP story 
​Best practices and international collaboration
​Where did the idea for New Horizons Leadership Programme come from?

In November 2019 two of the project partners - Cirkus Cirkör and Riga Circus - were invited to a Round Table Discussion of Future Leadership in Arts and Culture, co-organised by Aalto University Executive Education, Gothenburg University School of Executive Education and National Museum in Sweden. Here, the question of future leadership was tackled as central, with a focus on the entire artistic field.

The discussions revolved around the demand for new strong leaders in the entire spectrum of arts and culture, emerging art forms and established ones alike. For contemporary circus, which is a relatively new art field in the Baltic Nordic Sea Region, this question is even more poignant.

Scarce university programmes of art management for circus arts leave existing circus organisations with the responsibility to provide learning experiences for young, emerging practitioners. The challenge grows at national levels, with limited numbers of big organisations. Moreover, small, artist-run, independent organisations do not have the resources to provide management and leadership knowledge. All these factors leave young professionals with very limited opportunities.


This is where NHLP comes in! 

The programme with share best practices and knowledge of leading organisations in the region and will do so through international collaboration. This will ensure professional growth for the NHLP participants, and empower organisations (both big and small-scale) to identify, employ and retain talented professionals. The
 project responds to the global need of the field to strengthen its capacity for growth, by supporting the emergence of new and strong leaders.


​NHLP is supported by:

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