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The Week to Applaud an


25. January 2021


I dedicate this post to all [artist/administrators] and visionaries out there. I see you. I applaud you - loudly. And I am incredibly grateful for the work you are doing. 


And I would like to nudge all fellow performers: remember to thank a producer, a venue manager or someone organising a festival. We are all part of the same cultural ecosystem, but you are usually the one who gets the roses and applause. 

by Emma Langmoen

20. January 2021

The context of the COVID-19 virus spread has influenced a lot of decisions and, in my opinion, the crisis is the best time to see true leaders. Even though there were many interesting conversations, I would like to focus on two that stood out - with Lotta Vaulo (CircusInfo Finland Director) and with Jarkko Lehmus (Producer at Cirko).

by Janis Laucenieks

18. January 2021


As artists, how do we create bottom-up solutions, where we take the lead and create the infrastructure necessary for our artform to bloom? How can we balance being practising artists, and advocate for the development of circus in our region? Does one have to choose the one or the other? 

by Emma Langmoen

6. January 2021


In this article I will follow up on my mobility experience at CircusInfo Finland in my 3rd and final week, as part of the New Horizons Leadership Programme by Baltic Nordic Circus Network.

by Marina Rieger

8. December 2020


I kindly ask you to enter this space with me, without feeling the need to defend yourself or bound to act, but rather engage in reflecting on your power and privileges. How do you approach diverses perspectives on agency in contemporary circus and performing arts.? 

2. December 2020

In my first blog, I'm looking at some main difference in the circus culture between Latvia and Finland, and make an overview of circus artists and companies in Finland. 

29. November 2020

TheGlobalGoals_Icons_Black_Goal_9_edited baltic nordic circus

The following reflections will observe space within the circus community as part of the performing arts and how I am navigating a new circus network on my mental map. You are invited to join me in my reflections on circus spaces by spacing out into your own headspace.


I am hereby kindly inviting you to join me on my mobility experience throughout the upcoming weeks, as a participant in the New Horizon Leadership Programme 2020-2021 by BNCN.

23. November 2020

2. December 2021

The control of climate policy is in people's hands, and it is up to us to tighten it. For it seems natural that artists are the ones to talk about it since they are the ones that move ideas and people's hearts. Up to you to move your government decisions!

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