​Baltic-Nordic partnership

NHLP partners: 

Cirkus Syd (SE), Rigas Cirks (LV), Cirkus Cirkör (SE), CircusInfo Finland (FI), Hringleikur (IS), Upsala Circus (RU), Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre (ECCDC), Acting for Climate (NO), DYNAMO (DK).

Associate partners: 

 AFUK (DK), Bærum Kulturhus (NO), Foundation Tartu 2024 (EE), Reykjavik Dance Festival (IS), Institute for X (DK)

Communication partner: 

Manegen (SE)


CirkusSyd (SE)

Cirkus Syd is a networking platform for international research, development and innovation based in Lund, Sweden. The organisation works in the cultural sphere using expertise in contemporary circus arts. CirkusSyd initiates and supports international projects, linking its region nationally and internationally.

Riga Cirks - (LV)

National state circus establishing contemporary circus in Latvia and working to put Baltic countries on the map for contemporary circus. Riga Cirks is a producing, programming and educational institution. Riga Cirks is a Coordinating and Hosting Partner.


Hringleikur (IS)

Hringleikur is a new Icelandic circus company that aims to promote Icelandic circus culture. They work to establish a contemporary circus scene in Iceland by creating opportunities and basic conditions for professional artists to be based in Iceland. The artists in Hringleikur come from backgrounds from gymnastics, drama and dance, as well as education in circus schools abroad, such as at the Codarts Art Academy in Rotterdam and AFUK in Copenhagen. Hringleikur are a Coordinating Partner.


Cirkus Cirkör (SE)

Cirkus Cirkör is a regional institution acting as both artistic company, artistic development hub and regional institution developing the capacity of contemporary circus nationally in Sweden via extensive education programmes. Cirkus Cirkör will act as Coordinating and Hosting Partner and will both organise the experience and host the young person in their organisation.


Circus Info Finland (FI)

Circus Info Finland aims to support infrastructure of circus arts support and accessibility in Finland. Working to support the export, visibility and international connectedness of Finnish circus arts in the world with established global reach. Circus Info Finland is a Coordinating Partner. 


Dynamo Workspace (DK)

Regional organisation with a national goal to support the infrastructure of contemporary circus including its production, development, visibility, dissemination and connectivity in Denmark and in the Baltic-Nordic region. Dynamo Workspace are a Coordinating and Hosting Partner and both organise the experience and host the young person in their organisation.


Upsala Circus (RU)

Upsala Circus is a leading organisation in developing practices of contemporary circus in Russia, delivering substantial educational programmes. Upsala Circus is a Coordinating and Hosting Partner.


Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Center (EE)

ECCDC works towards establishing better working conditions, creating infrastructure and international connectedness for Estonian circus arts with the Baltic states and Europe. Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Center is a Coordinating Partner. 


Acting for Climate (NO)

Acting for Climate is a new innovative organisation who focus on how circus can tackle climate change, raise environmental issues via touring performances. Acting for Climate is a performance art project, which goal is to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future. The organisation is led by emerging producer and artist Emma Langmoen. Acting for Climate is a Coordinating Partner.

Manegen (SE) - Communication Partner

Manegen is a Swedish national member organisation for circus, variety and street performance. Manegen manages NHLP via a coordinating project manager who liaises with all the partners to agree a partnership framework for evaluation purposes and practical implementation.

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​NHLP is supported by:

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