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About Nika

Nika wants to learn, to share, to exchange, to teach and to reach.

She strongly believes in communication, personal experience, solidarity and arts.

She is absolutely sure that contemporary circus and those who are involved in it make our lives better.

First week with AFUK



This is my first blog post for the programme. I take you briefly through my week of arrival to Copenhagen, the tricky part of travelling during Corona, and a nice visit to Odense, the town of HC Andersen and DYNAMO Workspace. 

People and places. The second week with AFUK



A quick diary of my second week with AFUK, my trip to Roskilde and the pleasure of meeting some very interesting people from the dance and circus sector in Denmark. 

Fare thee well, Copenhagen. 

Last week with AFUK



My last week in Copenhagen is finished and I'm extremely happy to share a quick round-up of all the amazing meetings I had and the very cool people I've met. I visited Teaterøen, Helsingør, gave a lecture in AFUK and met with notable names in the world of dance.