Lina B. Frank

Programme Director

Cirkus Syd / BNCN

Lina is the NHLP manager and coordinator. 

Lina is a producer, programmer, curator and arts consultant from Sweden working across Europe.
She works mostly with Contemporary Circus, Cross-disciplinary Arts and Live Art – always with bold and brave people, explorers and visionaries at heart. She's interested in how art can be used to facilitate democratic participation to challenge the status quo. 

Currently acting Network Coordinator for BNCN and founding manager of Cirkus Syd.

Lina worked as consultant for European Parliament and Co-Founding Director of Bristol Biennial Circus Festival.

Māra Pāvula

Māra is a key partner in the NHLP project. 

Māra is the Head of Riga Circus School, under Rigas Cirks, one of the main supporting partners and hosting organisations in NHLP. She has extensive experience working in circus and has strong insight into the Baltic contemporary circus scene. 

Typhaine Sotés

Typhaine is the BNCN and CirkusSyd Digital and Communications Producer. Typhaine has always been interested in Arts, human evolution, personal development and communities. She has been actively engaged in creative and transformative festivals since 2005 and more recently involved in sustainable and/or social projects. 

Elena Stanciu 

Elena is an associate with NHLP, working to coordinate and edit content submissions from participants. Elena is also the digital editor of the NHLP platform. 

Elena is a freelance writer, editor, and cultural producer, with an interest in performing and visual arts. She fell in love with circus quite recently, while working temporarily with DYNAMO Workspace, one of the hosting organisations and partners in NHLP. She is based in Denmark.

Christel molin.jpg
Christel Molin

Former Deputy Project Manager

Cirkus Syd / BNCN 

Christel worked as Deputy Manager for Cirkus Syd and is the Deputy Coordinator of NHLP between August 2020 and November 2021. She has recently left the position.  

Christel is a creative producer and a project manager with many years experience. She has a deep passion for all forms of performing art, working with site-specific artists, events, media, contemporary circus, theatre, music and dance. Christel has significant experience in planning different projects. events and arrangements, administration and managing operations with the field of site-specific art.